Top 10 Wedding Planner Interview Questions

1. What services do you offer and what scope of work is covered during planning stage, during the event, and post wedding?

Note: Be clear on what is offered within a standard proposal, what add-on options there are and if you can add on services when need arises at a later date, and what is not covered too. Ask yourself if the scope of work matches with your expectations?

2. How do you charge your fees?

Note: Is it a flat service fee based on scope of work, hourly rate or percentage of wedding costs? Are there any surcharges for other circumstances e.g. extended hours, additional coordinators etc?

3. Are there any restrictions on consultation hours?

Note: Check if there are any limits on number of meetings and duration of meetings.

4. Do you work alone or with a team? Will you be with us on our Big Day?

Note: Working with a company that has a team’s support ensures that you will not be ‘stranded alone’ should the planner be suddenly unavailable, especially on your Big Day. Ensure your planner is there from start of preparation till end of the wedding to avoid miscommunications should someone else fill in as coordinator on your Big Day.

5. How many weddings do you do in a year? For my wedding month, how many events will you be handling?

Note: This gives you an idea on their experience and level of commitment, and also gives you a gauge if the planner is able to handle your wedding successfully based on their capacity of resources.

6. Can you help us stay on budget?

Note: You should not expect freebies but a good planner should be willing and able to work within your financial parameters.

7. Who are your regular vendors?

Note: Knowing a planner’s regular vendors is indicative of the style of weddings he/she usually plans and you can find out if your wedding vision matches. It’s an added bonus if the planner has worked with the vendors you are considering to offer feedback or negotiate better.

8. What is the average size of weddings do you plan? Do you have any experience in destination/yacht/intimate/large/ministerial scale of weddings?

Note: You can ask based on your expected style/type of wedding you are planning to have.

9. How many years of experience do you have as a wedding planner and in a full or part-time capacity? How many weddings have you planned?

Note: You would not want a newbie to use your wedding as an experiment. Weddings are once in a lifetime. Always ask for client testimonials or any past clients you can have a chat with. Feel free to speak with wedding
vendors to get feedback on planners as well.

10. Will we work well together?

Note: This is not a question to ask out loud. If you have already shortlisted down to 2 final candidates, deciding on who to work with is often an instinct. You will be working with him/her for the duration of your planning process and you should select one whose personality is a match to yours.

Good Luck and may you find the right Planner best suited for you!