Getting Married in Singapore

1. We have decided to get married, what should we do now?

Congratulations! First thing’s first, sit down with your partner and your families to decide what type of celebration you would like and if you are intending to have a religious and/or a civil marriage ceremony. Decide on the date, time and place for the marriage solemnisation to take place before efiling the notice of marriage. You may efile online at

2. How soon can we efile the notice of marriage?

From the date of your intended solemnisation, you can efile between 21 days to 3 months prior to the date. For solemnisations in ROM, please check with ROM for available dates. For solemnisations outside of ROM, 21 days notice period is required.

3. Is there a marriage fee required?

Yes, fees range from $26.00 for Singaporeans/PRs to $298.00 if both of you are foreigners. You can calculate the fees required at

4. How much should I pay the solemniser should I have my ceremony outside of ROM?

There is no fixed fee. However, the basic guidelines would be to reimburse for transport and time set aside time solemnise your marriage.

5. Both myself and my partner are foreigners. Can we get married in Singapore?

Yes you can, if yourself or both of you have been residing in Singapore at least 15 continuous days before you may file your notice of marriage.

6. After efiling, what would be the next step?

Upon efiling, an appointment time and date would be given to you for verification and statutory declaration. Both of you are to be physically present at ROM at the same time at the appointed time and date. You are to bring your NRICs or passports, copies of your witnesses‚ NRICs or passports and the original copy of your solemniser’s consent form. You will then be given the original marriage certification and a copy, of which the latter has to be endorsed by all parties during solemnisation and returned to ROM for records. Please ensure that all details on the marriage certificate and copy are correct before leaving ROM.

7. What do I need to bring for solemnisation?

You are to bring both your NRICs or passports, two witnesses and their NRICs/passports, your original marriage certificate and copy and rings for exchange (optional).

Please visit for more information and answers to other questions that you may have with regards to getting married in Singapore.