Actual day coordination does not imply that we will only appear on your wedding day for a few hours to execute our service. It involves understanding of your requirements and expectations for the wedding day, as well as getting acquainted with your hired service providers and helpers.

Tasks include:
a. A pre-wedding consultation session
During this session, we will discuss and plan the wedding day together. We will also brainstorm on programs you can have to make that day an unforgettable one.

b. Coordination and liaison with your respective wedding service providers and helpers
This is important in ensuring that all requirements and expectations from your wedding service providers are met and that your helpers understand your needs. We will meet them before the event to familiarise ourselves with each other, as well as to facilitate a smooth-flowing and stress-free day for you.

c. Wedding rehearsal arrangement and coordination
If you have special programs that would require a rehearsal session at the wedding venue, we will gather all parties involved and together, we will help you run through the program as it will happen on the actual day and ensure that the program is tight and flawless.

d. A choice of 2 coordination services, namely:
i. Half-day coordination package for approximately 6 hours on wedding day
ii. Full day coordination package starting from 7am on wedding day

Besides providing the various services before your wedding day as mentioned above, we will be present on the actual day to serve as an extension of your mind, body and limbs to give you a peace of mind while you savour this precious day with your partner and your loved ones. We seek to ensure that all aspects of that day are fully taken care of by your respective wedding service providers and that the program for the day flows smoothly.