The following services are unique to Wedding Concierge. These are value-added services that will make your wedding all the more memorable.

a. Decoration/Design Services
•  Wedding concept and design according to various themes
Involves entire concept and design of wedding, ranging from details of venue decoration (floral and non-floral) and layout, to cards, stationery and favours

b. Programs and Entertainment Services
•  Involves sourcing and short-listing of entertainers to add to the atmosphere of the event
Brainstorming of the concept of the event program to suit each theme
Other services include sound system and lighting management, music selection and compilation, wedding dance classes and choreography, and reception and ushering services

c. Mailing and RSVP Services
•  Includes mailing of invitations and thank-you notes/gifts, and RSVP via email, snail mail, and personal delivery

d. Transportation Services
•  Rental of vehicles for transportation of families and guests
Arrangements for ferrying families and guests to wedding venue
Transportation and accommodation arrangements for out-of-town guests

e. Gifting Services
•  Involves design and production of wedding favours
Also involves sourcing for Bride and Groom gifts, as well as gifts for the Bridal party

f. Honeymoon Planning Services
•  Planning of your honeymoon trip, as well as making special arrangements at the destination itself to make that trip unforgettable for you