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^ Generous splashes of purple and pink brought more colour to the poolside wedding.

^ After 5 years of courtship, Derrick and Sheralyn decided to tie the knot.

^ The wedding cum birthday cake was a delicious delight.

^ The romantic evening continued with music, food and lots of merry-making.
4 February 2003 - Belated New Year Wishes

(Light music in the background)

Belated New Year Wishes

Another year has passed in a flash. Just had a gathering with friends whom I seldom meet but it was really heart-warming to learn that despite our lack of communication in the interim, we could still laugh and talk like the good old days.

Everyone has gone their own paths in lives and I feel truly blessed to have such great people around me. Guess I'm in a rather introspective mood right now…maybe because the New Year has just begun.

Well, although this might come a little belated, I would like to wish all of you all the best in the coming year. To kick things off, we have compiled a list of lovely gift ideas for you to charm your loved one, or simply just to let that special group of people know that you care.

May you have prosperity, good health, luck and most important of all, meaningful and blissful relationships in the New Year and many years to come!

Love, Kim