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^ Generous splashes of purple and pink brought more colour to the poolside wedding.

^ After 5 years of courtship, Derrick and Sheralyn decided to tie the knot.

^ The wedding cum birthday cake was a delicious delight.

^ The romantic evening continued with music, food and lots of merry-making.
15 July 02 - Wedding tips for the day

(Extremely tired)

Wedding tips for the day

Dear Diary,

Just came back from a wedding. Attended it as a guest. Thought I'd share the following points before hitting the sack… It was memorable...

Today's tips for a great evening wedding; think about lots of music and fantastic company of loved ones:

* 4 piece jazz ensemble (or any other program) during cocktail reception (possible with the help of friends and family if cost is an issue)

* Lots of dance space and great music during cocktail reception (top that with enthusiastic guests and lively children)

* Good crowd control

* Good hotel service staff

* Interesting program during the dinner. No straightforward programs with the conventional speeches please

* Tons of involvement from friends and family:
- Love song dedication with live singing;
- Sizzling salsa party made up of bridesmaids;
- No-holds-barred narration of the couple's love story by couple or their close friends and family (of course, some form of discretion has to be exercised);
- Games and such with guests as game-masters and the newly-wed as players;
- Pick out or make up at least 4 traditional marriage rituals and go through all of them during the night.

More tips in future entries.
Most important tip of all … Tons and tons of interaction, spontaneity, laughter and love!

Over and out…