Make of a diamond refers to how well a stone is cut and faceted to bring out the full beauty of the rough crystal. The make affects the beauty of a diamond much more than perfect colour or clarity. You may wish to note even with all the attention given to the 4 "Cs " of diamond grading and evaluation, the make is actually the greatest factor in the beauty. Oddly, the make is not generally graded on most laboratory certificates. (Only the American Gemological Society (AGS) - assigns a grade to the make, with "0 deductions" being the best grade.)

a. Proportions

Proportion determines the flow of light more than other quality factors. Proportions that are too deep or too shallow both allow light to leak out the bottom and lessen the amount of light that strikes your eye.

b. Symmetry

A grade given to the overall uniformity of a stone's cut. Poor symmetry will hurt a diamond's sparkle and fire.

c. Polish

Good polish is crucial for maximum brilliance of a diamond. It also determines the percentage of light reflected from and refracted within and between the facets.


International grading terminology for Proportion, Symmetry & Polish

  • EX+ or E - Excellent
  • VG or VGD - Very Good
  • GD, GO, G - Good
  • F, FR, FA - Fair
  • PR, PO, P - Poor
  • VP, VE, - Very Poor


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