1. Do I need a Wedding Planner? What are the benefits of having one?
Wedding Planners are not just for the rich or busy. Every couple will benefit from the services of a Wedding Planner. Whether it’s a simple gathering or a grand theme wedding, they have the resources and knowledge to help you make your dream wedding a reality while saving you time, effort and even money. 

Saving time and effort – A wedding planner will be equipped with resources and quality references on hand. He/she can streamline the options in the market that best suits your budget and requirements, rather than you ploughing through the massive amount of research material and information

Saving money – with a wedding planner’s business references and contacts, most times he/she can knows how to get the most out of vendors, as well as selecting good vendors for you. He/she can catch mistakes that you may be unaware of, hence saving you money as well. A good wedding planner would be able to guide you on how to “spend smart” for your wedding by prioritising your budget as well.

2. What do Wedding Planners do?
Wedding Planners help guide couples through their wedding preparation by giving advice, providing resources, assisting in negotiation and mediations, managing and co-ordinating between the various service providers, doing whatever else necessary to ensure that everything runs smoothly. They will also be able to advise you on how to avoid potential pitfalls when preparing for your wedding. Many couples these days settle for “typical” weddings. Your wedding is a very special day and your Wedding Planner can suggest ideas and pull resources together to create the perfect ambience for you, making your wedding a truly memorable one.

3. Many couples have been able to do without Wedding Planners, why should I engage one?
Although couples have been “managing” to do without Wedding Planners, many of them have experienced much anxiety and stress during the preparation period right up to the wedding day itself. Searching for the right service providers and co-ordinating between them can be time-consuming and frustrating. And all this is in addition to your already busy schedules and heavy workload! Many couples are not able to fully enjoy their wedding day because they worry if everything is going to work according to plan. With a Wedding Planner on board, you will have a much more comfortable journey up to the big day. And on that day, you’ll be able to have peace of mind and be able to enjoy every precious moment of that Big Day.

4. Aren’t Wedding Planners expensive? 
Contrary to popular belief, they are not. This is even more so when compared to other service providers such as photographers and bridal boutiques whose scope of work are very specific. A Wedding Planner’s scope, on the other hand, is very wide. They assist the couple in many aspects from the beginning till the completion of their wedding, yet their fees remain comparable to other wedding service providers.

Different Wedding Planners charge differently for their services: some go by a flat rate, others charge a percentage of the wedding budget, and others charge by the hour.

5. I’ve already started planning for my wedding. Is it too late to engage a Wedding Planner now?
No, it is never too late to call a Wedding Planner for help. They will gladly undertake all remaining tasks, providing wedding-related services regardless of the stage of your wedding preparations.

6. What if I do not need the full involvement of a Wedding Planner? 
The extent or area of a Wedding Planner’s involvement and assistance can be tailored to suit your preference. For example, you may just require their services to design a certain look for your wedding venue, or you may simply get them to oversee the coordination and tasks on your actual wedding day.

7. I am interested to engage a Wedding Planner. How should I start?
The best way to find a good wedding planner is through recommendations from friends and vendors. Shortlist a few potential candidates, speak to them and get to know their background, experience and how they charge. It would be good to get a few references from them as well. Most professional wedding planners provide similar services, so it would be a matter of how good the rapport is during your initial meeting, and how much trust he/she can instil in you during the interview.