How did we start out?
What started out as a business brainstorming session turned out to be a reality for Kim Tay, Head Concierge, who founded Wedding Concierge in 2002. Till date, we have established ourselves as the choice Wedding Planner for many couples, having successfully planned numerous beautiful and memorable weddings.

Why wedding planning?
It was the sight of a groom on his Wedding night frantically trying to sort out some details on his mobile phone just before the Wedding March-in that triggered Kim to take the big step to set up Wedding Concierge, even though she was working in a totally un-related industry at that time.

As a full-service wedding planner , we hope to help couples avoid the many nightmare stories that has been seen and heard; missed cues, things lost or forgotten, miscommunications and misunderstandings with and among helpers, vendors and service providers and the like. By basically taking over all the tedious organisational work, we are able to alleviate much of the liaison and coordination work, running around and worrying from the couple. And by taking care of all matters on the actual Wedding Day, Wedding Concierge’s couples are much more relaxed to enjoy themselves. We believe that the wedding day is the culmination of all the preparation work. The couple should be able to thoroughly enjoy themselves and spend quality time with their family and friends who have come to celebrate with them instead of worrying whether everything will go according to plan.

How big is our team?
Wedding Concierge is founded by Kim Tay who heads a current team of 4 Senior Concierges and coordinators. Our team shares many years of wedding and events management experiences, both local and overseas.

What are our past experiences?
Through the 7 years since our inception, we have handled numerous weddings of various scales, sizes and scope. We are proud to have had the privilege of serving Couples who wanted small intimate outdoor parties, to those who preferred to celebrate with pomp and grandeur with over 1000 guests, where local and overseas ministers, and even President and Mrs Nathan had been our guests.

We have also been privileged to be approached as a research interviewee for the Channel 8’s 30-part drama serial, Love Concierge which starred Nancy Sit, Jacelyn Tay, Ann Kok, Fiona Xie, Thomas Ong, and other popular artistes. Kim has also been nominated for the Spirit of Enterprise 2006 Awards and her inspiration and passion for entrepreneurship can be read in SOE’s publication “I am the boss!”

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