The Wedding Concierge


Wilson and Joanne - May 2009

“We are both extremely happy with you and your team’s services. I must add that everybody handled the night’s program with great professionalism and urgency. Even feedbacks from our friends and relatives were compliments on how well-organized, timely the evening’s celebration was. All service-providers played their part but you did a great job orchestrating the whole event. All in all, thank you once again for the splendid work to make this our perfect wedding! It was indeed enjoyable and definitely a night to remember!”

Elgin and Ashley - January 2009

“We really enjoyed the wedding. Everything was very well-planned and smooth.
 We certainly made the right decision to engage Wedding Concierge; you’re very professional and experience. We appreciate your swift response to our problems and the willingness to go the extra mile to help us achieve a perfect wedding. Frankly, I have a very high expectation for the wedding, and you have certainly exceed higher than what we expect. Well done Kim, excellent job! Thank you! Kim and Telli, thanks for your support and encouragement to us on the wedding day. Your presence has indeed relieved us from any uncertainty stress. You guys really did a fantastic work!”

Quan Sing and Simin - October 2008

“Thank you so much for all your hard work and patience! I remember the 1st time we met you, you were punctual, asked all the right questions and were really calm. We knew we could trust you with our special day and true enough, it was exactly what we had wished for! Thanks for giving us all the beautiful memories!”

Stephane & Sheryl - October 2008

“We are still in another world half dreaming, up in the clouds! At this stage, we sincerely would like to thank you for your great effort. You are entirely dedicated to your job and as a result, it is shown in the quality of your performance. You deserve the best and (we) would be glad to help.”

Michele and Kathy - May 2008

“You and your team did a fabulous job. The planning you put in advance of the actual day was really good, but how well and smoothly you guys managed the wedding day was beyond expectations. Congrats on a job well done.”

Jonathan & Linda - January 2008

“Without your meticulously working with us on the wedding details and your great patience, we would not have such a successful wedding event!! You have a great team to assist us in every way possible to make our wedding such memorable one, not to mention, the compliments we get from our guests. We appreciate your efforts and personal touch that makes our wedding a unique and special to both us for many years to come. You are awesome!”

Wilson & Xiao Wei - December 2007

“We would like to thank you sincerely for the wonderful job you did in organizing our wedding despite us coming to you during the wedding month itself. We found your service to be professional, detailed, structured and well organized. We liked how you were easily contactable, responsive, efficient and flexible at the same time. In particular, we liked how you updated us regularly on the actual day itself with regards to the progress of the setup etc, without us having to ask for it. The gesture definitely helped to put our minds at ease.”

Merrill & Erica - December 2007

“Erica and I can say with the utmost sincerity that going with Wedding Concierge has been one of the best decisions that we have ever made. The number of times we had said amongst ourselves that if it wasn’t for the both of you, we literally would have fallen apart and have no doubt that the wedding itself would have been only a fraction of the enjoyable and seamless experience that it turned out to be.”

Cedric and Lauke - October 2007

“We had a great time and got very many positive feedbacks from almost all our guest on how special and great this event was! Without your help it would not have been possible! You allowed us to make this event ‚Äúours‚Äù although over viewing the important aspects of the event! We highly appreciated your support and special touch.”

Alan & Cindy - January 2007

“Thank you very much for helping us out in completion of this fantastic wedding. To us, this is a very fantastic event that almost everything goes well. We deeply appreciated both Kelly and you for coordinating the entire event. I enjoyed the band being part of our special event, and to add on to that with your on cue coordination. It was a smooth sail to us going through the event.”

Jay & Serine - December 2006

“Serine and I were very impressed by what you have done for us and felt that you were really professionals in your undertaking. All our guests and relatives felt that our wedding was really smooth and well coordinated. They asked who was responsible for it and we gladly told them that it was our wedding planner. You being pregnant, still performed your duties well and your team members were outstanding too. We could not be happier.”

Joval & Sharin - December 2006

“Special thanks to Kim Tay and her team from Weddin Concierge. Our wedding on 8 Dec was indeed a dream come true for us. It was indeed an extremely memorable event, not just us but all our friends, families, relatives and guests who attended our wedding. Kim, with her meticulate nature, has prepared everything in advance, leaving nothing to chance. You have certainly made our special day fuss and stress free for us. I have to say that all our friends and families are really impressed by your team’s efficiencies in planning and execution.”

Alvin & Joey - November 2006

“I’m so glad that we engaged your help. Could tell the difference between ROM and the wedding day, with and without wedding planner’s help. Would definitely recommend Wedding Concierge to friends should they need a wedding planner.”

Desmond & Ting Ling - September 2006

“It was wonderful working with you to make our wedding a success. Thank you for all your help and advice. What I personally found very useful was to have someone who could help us co-ordinate all the administrative and logistical issues such as briefing the helpers and dealing with the catering. With such a busy schedule and friends who are equally busy, it would have been almost impossible to find a friend who could dedicate as much focus and attention as you did with your services. It also certainly helps to have someone who is familiar with the wedding proceedings to give advice on what to watch out for when doing our planning and providing your opinion when we had to make decisions.”

Wahyu & Pamela - May 2005

“We would like to thank you for your help to coordinate the event so it went smoothly. Glad to know you and appoint you to be our wedding coordinator. Even though we just took a wedding day coordination package, it’s the service that we needed the most and we made a right choice. It’s proven that you’re so helpful and responsive.”

Rayant & Valerie - December 2003

“Thanks for your excellent service for the past one year. We thank God for deciding to work with you and it has been an enjoyable & fulfilling one. We feel that you are a detailed, responsible, thoughtful and creative consultant. Ideas that we suggest are valued by you and you make it all come true! On our wedding day, you take care of every detail to make sure things run smoothly. If not because of your dedicated towards perfection, we would not have a successful & memorable wedding. Thanks for the extra mile!”

Derek & Nicole - December 2002

“I remembered that some time ago, I told you that i had a lot of helpers and I didn’t need a wedding planner….thanks so much for being more than a planner..I really REALLY am thankful for all the help and support you have provided. Thank you for being part of my wedding and most of all for all the trouble and help you have provided. You have been a blessing, beyond words to express my many thanks.”