The Wedding Concierge


Style Weddings, Mar - Aug 09, “A Hollywood Dream Come True”

“For years, designer Amanda Lee of Amanda Lee Weddings has helped many brides realise their dream gowns and celebrations. So when it was her turn to tier the know to long-time beau and business partner, Joe Chua, Amanda pulled out all the stops to make her dream wedding a reality.”

Blissful Brides, Aug - Jan 09, “Pink Parade!”

“Turn girly pink into an adult and tasteful affair.”

Blissful Brides, Aug - Jan 09, “Urban Safari”

“Take the jungle out of Africa and stylise it with little modern twists.”

Blissful Brides, Aug - Jan 09, “A Contemporary Twist”

“From the return of traditional customs to the display of gorgeous red fabrics, there is no better way to officiate your marriage than to bask in time-honoured Chinese roots.”

Blissful Brides, Aug - Jan 09, “Jardin De L’Amour”

“Invite your guests to celebrate your love with a garden wedding at Playground!”

Blissful Brides, Aug - Jan 09, “Dreamy Lavender”

“The wistful shade of lavender is perfect for an afternoon of Autumn Love.”

Blissful Brides, Aug - Jan 09, “White Magic”

“A white arrangement always speaks of fresh promises and new beginnings, but it needn’t be preducitable.”

Blissful Brides, Aug - Jan 09, “Heavenly Azure”

“Azure is the colour of the sky; a person with a blue aura is oriented towards spirituality; blue can be found in pretty little girls’ eyes, and of course in the perfect little Tiffany box.”

Blissful Brides, Aug - Jan 09, “Poolside Elegance”

“A poolside solemnisation ceremony is perfect for the couple who wants a chic affair but not necessarily a formal sit-down dinner.”

Blissful Brides, Aug - Jan 09, “Fabulously Yellow”

“Stand out from the rest with a bold and beautiful deep yellow wedding.”

Wan Bao Xing Wen, October 17, 2008

Wan Bao reporter interviews Kim Tay, Head Concierge, on how her couples have sought her help on keeping within their wedding budget, but on the other hand, still achieve the wedding of their dreams.

Blissful Brides, Feb - Jul 08. “Auspiciously Yours”

“When in doubt, go red. Dress your tables with flowers and tableware which represent a culture that is rich and a love that is passionate.”

Blissful Brides, Feb - Jul 08. “Spring Fever”

“Flowers bring to mind a perpetual spring. With this delicate and pretty blossoms, close your eyes and you might just smell the aroma of your love carried in the breeze.”

Blissful Brides, Feb - Jul 08, “Victorian Love”

“Blue has been used in weddings for centuries because it symbolises love, modesty and fidelity. There’s no harm in embracing the old Victorian traditions.”

Blissful Brides, Feb - Jul 08, “Sugar High”

“Add lots of jellybeans, lollipops and sugar treats and you’ll find yourself in a vibrant world of love, happiness and multi-coloured candies!”

Blissful Brides, Feb - Jul 08, “Monochromatic”

“Nothing makes a statement bolder and louder about your love than black and white.”

The Straits Times Urban, 31 July 2008, “Dream Makers”

“Fantasy weddings without stress - Noelle Loh check out the planners who make them possible”

The Smart Wedding Diary 2008, “Sharing Movies and Indo-China”

“A look at how real couples have celebrated their wedding, and how they found and decorated their new home”

The Business Times, April 11, 2008, “Becoming a Wedding Planner”

“Growing demand for wedding planners has lured some young professionals into making mid-career switch. Two of them share their experience.”

Style Weddings, Aug - Jan 08, “Summertime Love”

“Soak in the sweet summer sun and say your vows in the beautiful rooftop patio at the InterContinental Hotel!”

Blissful Brides, Aug - Jan 08, “Oriental Splendour”

“Seal your union with the touch of the traditional in this beautiful and elegant setting and toast your guests with tea and time-honoured customs!”

Blissful Brides Aug - Jan 07, “Blushing Beauty”

“Bask in the colours of love and romance. Add a dash of diva. Voila! The perfect recipe to a great celebration”

Style Weddings, Sept 06 - Feb 07, “East meets West”

“A hot, hot wedding fiesta!”

Style Weddings, Sept 06 - Feb 07, “Truly Original”

“Their wedding was unique and stylish, capturing their quirks and personalities perfectly.”

I’m the Boss! - 24 real-life success stories

As a 2006 nominee for Spirit of Enterprise, Kim Tay shares her experience and passion in this book.

Raffles Town Club, Apr - Jun 06 “All about weddings…”

“A love affair or an aspirin-popping experience?”